The Celtic Bar Association of Orange County

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at Muldoon's Irish Pub,
through the graciousness of one of our founding members, Ronald O'Schwartz,
located near Fashion Island at 202 Newport Center Drive (949-640-4110).

2019 CBA Travel Seminar: Budapest & Vienna

The CBA will take a trip this October to Budapest and Vienna to recognize our early Celtic heritage. Budapest was first known as Aquincum, an ancient city on the northeastern borders of the province of Pannonia within the Roman Empire. Aquincum's ruins can still be found today in Budapest and was originally settled by the Eravisci, a Celtic tribe.

Celts in the town now known as Vienna dated back to the Paleolithic Period. In 16-15 BCE the Romans occupied the nearby foothills of the Alps, and in the next century the Celtic town of Vindobona (Celtic translation: "White Field"; later to become "Vienna") became a strategic Roman garrison town of 15,000. The town is believed to be the area around the present Hoher Market in Vienna.

See the attached flyer for details and costs. A post-trip extension to Prague may be arranged directly with Robert White of Festival International Travel & Tours: 714-221-6399.

About Us

First off, those not interested in fun, those unable to afford $25.00 per year ($20.00 for Judges) and those unwilling to belong to an organization which has no redeeming value other than social, can skip the rest of this website.

The goals of the Celtic Bar are to promote camaraderie amongst membership, civility and professionalism within the Orange County legal community, and a greater awareness of the Celtic culture and history, particularly its contribution to the law. There are seven separate Celtic nations, all of which are connected to one another by common history and culture. These seven nations are Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man (if your ancestors are from Man, your dues are waived for the first year), Galicia (in Spain), Brittany (in France), and Cornwall (in Great Britain). The Celtic peoples are known for their outgoing nature and their love of the written and spoken word. Not surprisingly, many descendants of Celtic immigrants have entered the legal profession. While there are many Irish-American lawyers groups in major cities throughout the United States, we believe that the CBA is the first attempt to gather all the Celtic nations in a single legal organization.

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